Phase 5 Game Reflection

Game Reflection:

The idea of designing a game is honestly the most unique activity/assignment I have ever came across. I have never thought I would have anything like that assigned and that is what I liked the most about this assignment; the idea of trying something new. When I first heard that we are going to be creating a game I thought that it is a very fun activity and was exciting to try something new however, I did not know it was going to be this difficult. starting off with the assignment, I had difficulty choosing a topic and was very late to pick one as I kept changing it several times due to the fact that each topic I chose I end up changing as I felt that it won’t really go along with the game requirements. Then I finally chose the topic “anger” as I felt that it is a topic I relate to in my everyday life. I even mentioned in my blog post the game reasons to it relating and how people around me experience anger and what they go through. One of my favourite parts during this assignment was phase 2 The background research assignment as I the needed gathered information on the topic that I should know while creating a game on anger. I found the most difficult part being making the scenarios follow each other as I found it really challenging thinking of all the different scenarios and creating an option for each one.

This assignment actually made me appreciate the work of designers and appreciate all the hard work and time put into making a game for us to enjoy. It made me realise that we don’t really think of the work and effort put into it and we only enjoy playing it.

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