Digital Literacies

-Reading ahead of digital literacies

-Reflecting on data literacies

Before reading more about digital literacies I wasn’t exactly sure of what it is. I actually thought it is basically having digital skills, however I found out that I do not have the right idea after reading the article. what I found out was, that they are actually different, but they compliment each other in a way. while reading the article, there are a few things that I learned such as that skills are the knowledge of tasks in a certain tool, just as simple as uploading an image or video on social media. However, digital literacy focuses more on being able to use these skills respectfully, cautiously and effectively. In other words, it allows us to pay more attention to everything such as knowing what is considered acceptable to write and post, thinking ahead of the consequences of any post. Honestly, thinking about it, this is something i go through almost everyday. In other words, before posting or sharing anything on my social media accounts I think about it first; “Will this post bother anyone?” “is it appropriate according to our community?” etc

Breaking free of the addiction machine

This article really caught my attention as it discusses reality. Nowadays, almost everyone is ADDICTED to their mobile phones, depending on them in every possible way which definitely resulted in an increase in the overall time spent online. This article basically discusses why we are addicted to out phones (machines). One of the reasons mentioned in the article for this addiction is that phones nowadays has many helpful roles in our lives. for example, we use our phones for almost everything such as a GPS, clocks, alarms, reminders, note taking. Moreover, it also mentions that there is no correlation between the use of technology and teenager’s wellbeing. there are related factors such as glasses from staring at screens for a long time. Another point mentioned that may of us fear is lack of privacy. This is due to the fact that it is somehow easy and possible for invasion of privacy. Responding to these issues, companies are trying to make it better by by introducing options such as screen time or muting notifications from a certain application. which shows that these designers are trying to keep things somehow under control, however the author in the article argues that this does not actually make a difference and that it still does not benefit users or take their safety into consideration.

One thought on “Digital Literacies

  1. Is this the beginning of the digital literacies pathway assignment? You need to be clear on the first article you read (you didn’t link it) and the second article is part of the rest of the assignment


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